Adepticon 2016

Back from Adepticon and had an absolute blast.  Was really impressed with the organization, layout and feel of the convention - thanks to everyone who undoubtedly put in a ton of effort to make this the premier miniature con!

I put up a few images on here, but check out the Facebook page or the Instragam account for more photos. I took a few photos of the Crystal Brush entries but an iphone and display cabinet lighting do not do these masterpieces justice.  See CMON's page for beautiful photos of all the pieces.

Definitely recommend getting the VIG badge - bypass the registration line and get extra swag (and the rumours are true - the Adepticon Swagbag does not disappoint!)  The highlight had to be the two player Horders starter set from Privateer press (Legion and Circle).

Vendor hall was fantastic - most of the miniatures game companies had a presence (Forgeworld, Privateer Press, ManticWyrd, Corvus Belli, Reaper, CMONBattlefrontWild West ExodusArena Rex).

The CMON booth had absolutely fantastic painted miniatures for Rum and Bones, Dark Age and Wrath of Kings.  Arena Rex had equally spectacular figs and Warsenal had some mind-blowing MDF tables.  This is also where Dave Taylor's Warlord was on display - nice work Dave!

Many very nice display/demo boards including the Adepticon charity auction Mechanicus army, the epic (if unfortunately named) Fist Full of Seamen pirate naval combat game, the Beasts of War Hoth table, massive Warhammer 40K and  Fantasy Battle games, Saga Vikings, and James Wapple's Wild West Exodus terrain.

Lots of nice armies and terrain across the various Tournament halls - so many games: Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Infinity, Malifaux, Kings of War, Dropzone Commander, Firestorm Armada, Guildball, Saga.

If you love your toy soldiers, Adepticon is not to be missed!  Will be back next year.