No one expects the Inquisition Pt2

Here are the next 3 members of the warbard.

Galvrauche Adien Duneault - Spymaster

Kanis’ spymaster, Galvrauche is the centre of his “human” intelligence network, recruiting and managing a thousand sources across the sector.

The fig is is the old Highwayman miniature from GW - a "hired gun" from the old Mordheim game.  I always loved the mini so left him stock.


Adron Marks - Heretic

A repentant slave to dark gods, Adron grew-up as one of the countless street urchins in Gandin 4's hives.  His psychic potential went undetected - not surprisingly as, while not a null, he has the ability to absorb psychic energy rather than project it.  He eventually found a home in an underhive cult, who use his abilities to avoid detection and as protection during their dark rituals.  When the cult was eventually discovered and destroyed by Kanis, he recognized Adron’s potential.  Allowed to live,  Adron was branded a heretic and lives out his days in a null hood, in hopes that his service will in some small way offset his crimes against the Emperor.

He is built from a plastic Empire Flagellant with a goodly amount of bits.  I use to eschew decals for hand painted banners, but time constraints (and lack of freehand talent) eventually changed my mind - plus with Photoshop and printed decals, there is a world of possibilities.


Sara Bryante - Penitent

The Sabat War came to Ulgar 12 when Sara was 19.  The PDF was quickly overwhelmed by the disciplined warriors of the Blood Pact, their Chaos sorcerers using the savage bloodletting to rip open a tear into the immaterial allowing the Khornate powers to spill forth.  Town after town quickly fell in the backwater world - except one.  A beacon of light turned back the Blood Pact, banished their deamonic forces back and gave the high command a powerful weapon.  The Lord Militant quickly declared Sara a living saint and with her at the forefront of the remaining forces,  held off the invaders until reinforcements could arrive.  It was only then, under Ecclesiastical scrutiny that the truth was revealed.  She was one of the many well meaning, but misguided, psykers who believe their powers are a manifestation of the Emperor's divinity - but in Sara's case, merely the work of a Tzeentch deamon looking to weaken an Khorne adversary.  Kanis convinced the Ecclesiasticy to spare her to his custody - Sara accepts her fate as a witch touched by Chaos, but strives to unburden her soul by using the power of the Lord of Change, still within her body, to banish as many demonic entities as she can.

She is the stock OOP Tsilla, from the first edition of Helldorado.