One of those blogs

Despite my best intentions, plans and feavered machinations, I (and my hobby and the blog) have sucum to life.

In the last year we have bought a new house, had a baby and started a new job.  And while each of these things is awesome, I don't recommend doing them all at once.  Renovation plans kept pushing back the new man-cave (and subsequent unpacking of any hobby) which largely didn't matter as there was no time to hobby anyway (see new baby and job)

Our little guy exploring his army options

I had back logged enough posts for 6 months, but that proved to be wholing inadquate.

What does this mean for the blog?
I would dearly love to start hobbying again and share anything of note here on the blog.
There are glimmers of hope.  Our little guy sleeps reliably freeing up some evening time.  
The new job is slowly becoming more managable.  The one piece left is the basement renovations.  In a perfect world the man cave is reconsistuted this year and balance is restored to the hobby world.

Thank-you to all who took the time to drop in from time to time.
Hope to be back up and running sometime this year.