Da Longteef

I’s General Grimtoof and de’s ‘ere is da Longteef. As we’s ‘ere to smash da ‘umies

My Blood Axe warband is know as Da Longteef, a reference to their success (both in wealth and longevity) as mercenaries.  They are lead by the Warlord General Grimtoof. 

The Blood Axes are an Ork clan and were the first of the clanz to encounter the Imperium. During their exposure and battles they picked up many human tactics, such as using camouflage (although often it is too bright to actually disguise the Ork), using looted Imperial vehicles and retreating when they’re losing...All of these things lead followers of other clans to brand them as dangerously treacherous, cowardly, and downright un-Orky.

In fact, most of the Blood Axes’ reputation is undeserved. True, they have made the most contact with the Imperium, occasionally even fighting for the humans as mercenaries, and making extensive use of Imperial war materiel. Then again, every Ork can see the funny side of extorting weapons from human planets only to use them against their former owners.
— Blood Axes, Lexicanum

Da Longteef spend most of the their time in Imperial space, renting their services as mercenaries to anyone who will supply them with arms and equipment.  They often travel with Ork Freebooters (pirates) serving as a ground force or boarding force, even working for the famed Freebooter, Kaptin Badrok.

Like others of the Blood Axe clan, they model their military structure off of the Imperial Guard.  Grimtoof has five large warbands under him, each lead by one of his Kolonels.  Each warband is structured around a different function: infantry, recon, armour and artilery, walkers and air power - elements from each can be combined  to create a tailored force to the mission - a most unorky idea.

Ork Kommandos by Musibat Khan

Ork Kommandos by Musibat Khan