Ladies and gentlemen, the Witch Hunters

With the completion of the Death Cult Assassins last time, this post will officially wrap up 'round one' of the Witch Hunters.  

There will certainly be a 'round two' at some point (and just between us, I already have a few odds and ends in the works).  And as I mentioned on Facebook, I backed the Raging Heroes Toughest Girls in the Galaxy 2: Light and Darkness Kickstarter and now have an entire Sisters army en route.  So there will likely be a round three and four.

The army consists of (at least under the old rules):

  • 1 Ordo Hereticus Witch Hunter and Retinue
    (2 heretics, 3 acolytes, 2 chergyeons, 3 death cult assassins)
  • 2 squads (10 man) of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, each with Chimera transport
  • 1 squad (20 man) of Zealots
  • 1 Penitent Engine

I hope to get this army to the table at some point though it still woefully lacks any real hitting power.

I have also added a Project section to the blog which will house all the Witch Hunter photos and colour text posted to date.

Up next will be an entire new army: Orks!
So stay tuned!