Some Like it Hot Pt 1

Some Orks just want to watch the world burn.  They are cleverly called Burnas.

During a Waaaah, these flame loving fellows are fearsome flamethrowers reducing all in their wake to molten slag or crumbling ash.  Because their weapon of choice is also a powerful torch, they often join boarding parties where they can cut through the thickest bulkheads to gain entry or assault large warmachines to slowly dismantle them.  In 'civilian' life, Burnas are often employed by Big Meks as welders in their construction projects or in scarp and salvage work.  

My Burnas originally started out as heavy weapon options for my boyz mobs (as was the option in the 3rd ed codex).  

I needed 4 Burnas for my 2 squads but GW only produced 2 single piece metal models (remember metal).  Never wanting dups, I built two others using 2 standard Ork boyz, Burna mask heads, Scortchas from the old (metal) dreadnought and a few Skaven Warpfire Thrower backpacks.

Next up: more Burnas and what happens when Burnas become a squad of their own!