Some Like it Hot Pt 2

Back in 3rd Edition, Burnas were heavy weapon choices for the Boyz Mobs.  With the arrival of 4th Edition they were taken out of the troops choices and became an Elite squad of their own.

So with 4 Burnas with no home, I set about getting to the minimum squad size: 8 Burnas plus a Mekboy.  In the intervening years, 2 things had happened - GW had released their plastic Burnas and I had somehow acquired more of the original metal ones.  

I built 2 of the plastics (with some slight modifications).  I removed the straps (as I thought they didn't look quite natural) and kept the original masks to kept a consistent feel between the two types of models.

I then converted the 2 metal Orks.  I swapped the weapons for ones from the plastic kit, and used the welder mask as I felt if was close enough in look to the originals.

Next up the squad leader: Mekboy: Gear'ead Gazlugg