No one expects the Inquisition...

Over the next few posts I'll be covering the HQ for my Witch Hunters - an Inquisitor and his retinue. Unfortunately no WIPs of these guys.

The truth is, while I rarely get a chance play miniature games (because life), I rarely paint figs just for the sake of painting them.  I almost always paint to add to my various armies.  Of course, that hasn't stop me from buying a vast number of very cool, but very random one off figs from wide range of manufactures. A big draw of the Inquisitorial warband, beyond the cool fluff, was the opportunity to use (and therefore paint) all of these orphan figs for 40K.

I decided that I'd paint each fig individually, picking the colour palette if that I felt worked best for that fig, without too much concern for the overall aesthetic of the warband.  While I knew this might lead to a more disjoint appearance on the table, I'd get more satisfaction out of painting (and frankly I figured I'd paint more figures that I'd ever field).

Inquisitor Kanis Sol

Born on the harsh winter planet on Fenris, Kanis shares the same icy demeanor and rugged pragmatism of his countrymen.  A member of the Ordo Herticus, Kanis casts his attention to the edges of the Imperium - those far flung realms where the Emperor’s light is perhaps more dimly felt.  He is a firm believer that if these regions are not monitored, the Administratum may come to find the Imperium is much smaller they once thought.

The fig is the stock special edition Inquisitor mini from Games Workshop .  I did up a slightly scenic base to reinforce his 'rural' nature.

Two Chiurgeons: Dr. Mannheim Gaust and his assistant Verlin

Gaust and Verlin serve as both the retinue's medical staff and information extractors - for in the Imperium there is no Hippocratic Oath and the role of healer and torturer often overlap.

These are 2 of the old metal Malifaux figs, McMourning and Sebastian, from Wyrd Miniatures.  

I enjoy the themes and, well, weirdness of Wyrd Miniatures and their quasi Gothic nature can fit well into the 40K universe.  I do feel they can veer into the cartoon/caricature realm, so I've only picked up a few minis so far (though, to be fair, many of the new plastics are far better at avoiding this).