For the Emperor!

Last post I showed you the Inquisitorial Chimeras - this time its their owners:  2 squads of Inquisitorial Stormtroopers.

These guys were painted prior to the new Scions minis (which are fantastic!) and even before the Cadian Kasrkins.  So, you know, old school.

Painted them in the traditional Inquisitorial colours but opted to make the masks and cloth a cream colour to give them a slightly different look than the more typical red and black.

They were also built back when the codex had Stormtroopers.  Much of this army is now in limbo, rules wise.  With the old Witch Hunter codex being replaced by the digital Adeptus Sororitas dex, many of the non-Sisters units have faded away (which, unfortunately, is largely what this army consists of).  Perhaps they will be reconstituted as Inquisitor henchmen, or as part of an IG army or perhaps maybe even a new Sisters dex (however unlikely).

The minis are mostly stock - its always a little harder to converted old single-piece metals, but did give the Sergeants new heads, banners and weapons.  

The banners were my first attempt as designing something in Photoshop, printing to a clear decal sheet and putting on a hand-made banner (this was also back before GW was making sculpted, plastic army banners).  Not 100% successful so always had it in mind to redo them at some point.

I also wanted everyone to have gas masks, so sculpted masks onto any of the open faced men.