Red ones go fasta! Pt 2

Taking a short break from the Looted Wagon and going back to HQ choices with my second Big Mek, Major Buzdak.  

Buzdak is most often found tooling around in his Battlewagon, ionized air crackling around it from his forcefield generator, as, like any good Mek, he careens in the most reckless way possible across the battlefield, oblivious to any incoming fire, until things end in a right proper pile-up!

First, full credit to highelf who I shameless copied the idea from - I mean... was inspired by.  Check out his far better original on CoolMiniOrNot.

Here is a WIP shot of both Big Meks primed black after building,  You can find my post on Big Mek Gogstompa (the one on the right) here.

Similar to Big Mek Gogstompa, Buzdak is takes his inspiration from the Imperium (in true Blood Axe fashion), and has similarly adorned himself in Mechanicus red robes (but with Orky dags instead of gears) - after all 'red ones go fasta!

The mini is the old metal GW Big Mek with Forcefield Generator.  I've sculpted the hood (and added a few other targeting systems), converted his axe to a more Mechanicus looking gear and added the electrical arcs by bending stiff wire between the arc nodes.

Buzdak is accompanied by his (un)trusty Gort oilers.  These guys are assembled from a random collection of bits:

  • The Pit Chief is a Night Goblin with a Inquisitor scale Mendrite hand and a WWII tank wrench
  • Grot #1 is a Spell Crow torso, Fantasy goblin legs and a second wrench from the very, very, very first Ork battlewagon kit
  • Grot #2 is a GW plastic Grot head, Fantasy goblin legs and the hammer and toolbox are the same battlewagon kit (I knew keeping that kit for 20 years would pay off some day :P)

He is also accompanied by another Mekano Squig from Wargame Exclusive.    I love that its just a giant maw with legs!

And here is the group shot.  The electric arcs don't show up very well against the white background so thought I'd try something a little different.

Hope you like these.  If you do, follow me on social media to see more.  

We'll get back to the Looted Wagon shortly!