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To give the retinue a little more punch in hand-to-hand, I added 3 Death Cult Assassins (again, when these were their own unit).  

Fortunately, both the Inquisition and Adeptus Sororitas books still allow you to take these guys, now as part of the retinue. 

I keep the general army colour scheme or gold, red and brown with a little green accent.  I may go back and add a little detailing on their skirts one day.

The models are the OOP Confrontation Clones of Dirz.  The original model came with a sword and axe, so did a weapon swap with the axe hand to add a second Power Sword.  I cut down a Catachan Power Sword by removing the back half of the blade to make it less bulky.  These models area little more 'true-scale' than the GW, but I think that works for a lean, agile assassin.

I was quite taken (as I suspect like many of us were) with Rackham's line of Confrontation miniatures.  If you've never heard of them, you can read the Wikipedia entry to learn about the company and the world, and this catalog site to see their line of figs.

And while I never played the game I certainly bought a good number of their figs - and a great deal more when the company eventually went under and stores started to dump inventory.  I still have a shoe box filled with unopened blisters.  Beyond the quality of the sculpts, the bizarre, fantastical (if slightly over the top) art style makes for some outstanding Inquisition figs.

You can still purchase some of the figs from Legacy Miniatures (ie. CMON) and a few other places (although not sure they are licensed or recasters so will avoid putting links)

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