The Unwashed Masses

I've been talking about how I divided my Zealots into two types - the Acolytes, the low level members of the Imperial Church, and the members of the Congregation.  The last 3 posts dealt with the Acolytes.  This post will focus on the Congregation.  Largely made up of  raggedy men - unprepared, uninformed, under-equipped fodder - that answered the ecclesiastic call, left jobs, homes, and families to fight and die for the Emperor.

This first group is based mostly off the Empire Flagellants box - its really the go-to box for any robed humans and provides a great base for all kinds of conversions.  

There's also the odd Necromunda  Redemptionist thrown-in.  Either the original gang from 1997 or the early 2000s re-sculpts are another great source of 'priest' figs.  I'll eventually throw in other similar models to bolsters the ranks (e.g. more Redemptionists, Empire Warrior Priests, or even the new plastic Chaos Cultists).

The Congregation are differentiated from Acolytes (in red) by their more drab brown robes.  But I've tried to tie them in by using red as an accent colour, particularly on the chain weapons.  And, of course, the liberal application of purity seals.

I've also tried to make them look a little more haphazard in terms of equipment, adding a few bits of kit (like IG pouches, Kroot shoulder pads, even a Space Marine arm) and a mix of chainswords and glaives.  The guns are mostly from the Empire Outriders and help provide an outdated feel to their equipment.

Here is the entire Congregation with their cult issue brown robes and chainswords, in all their zealotry and righteous fury.

And the full 20 man Zealot squad  - Acolytes and their Congregation

Thats all the troops for now.  Next post we go back to the retinue for one quick addition.

Hope you're enjoying this army.